Disney Cars Birthday Party Ideas

Plastic Checkered Table Cover
Traffic Cone Sippy Cups (8)
Disney Cars First Birthday Chalkboard
Disney Cars Printable Logos
Checkered Pennant Banner
Wheel Yo-Yo (12)
Cars Cupcake Topper Set (20)
Disney Cars Birthday Party Bundle Kit (8)
Disney Cars Birthday Invitations
Tow Mater Toy
More Themed Birthday Party Ideas
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Throw an amazing Disney Cars Themed Birthday Party without spending a lot of time! Here you will find many links and ideas to throw the a Cars birthday party that will make the kids say, “Ka-Chow!” We are here to help! Below is everything you need for the perfect Disney Cars themed birthday without searching through millions of pinterest pins and links: birthday chalkboard, cupcake toppers, large cardboard cutouts, traffic cone sippy cup, party favors, plates, food ideas, games & activities, decoration ideas, and much more.


Plastic Checkered Table Cover (Photo by catchmyparty)


Traffic Cone Sippy Cups (8) (Photo by catchmyparty)


Disney Cars First Birthday Chalkboard


Disney Cars Printable Logos

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Checkered Pennant Banner (Photo by comoorganizarlacasa)


Wheel Yo-Yo Party Favor (12) (Photo by catchmyparty)


Disney Cars Cupcake Topper Set (20)


Disney Cars Birthday Party Bundle Kit (8)



Disney Cars Birthday Invitations



Disney Cars Tow Mater Toy



Large Cardboard Decorations

Make sure Lightning McQueen is at your Disney Cars Themed Birthday Party with a large cardboard cutout. (photos via catchmyparty)

Custom Cars Logo Sign

Customize your birthday decorations with this Disney Cars Logo sign with the name and age of your child. (photo by catchmyparty)

Disney Cars Food Signs

Here are great downloadable vintage Radiator Springs food signs to decorate your food table. These clever signs will create the perfect Disney Cars look.


Mini Donut Tires

Mini Donuts make a delicious and inexpensive Disney Cars themed food for all your little racers. (photo by catchmyparty)

Tow Mater Tater Tots

Here is a cute Disney Cars Tow Mater Snack Caddy you can purchase to hold the kid’s favorite snack, tater tots. (photo by hwtm)

Brownie Stoplights 

Here’s a deliciously easy Disney Cars themed snack that both taste great and looks fantastic. Just cut brownie and add M&Ms to create the perfect stoplight. (photo by hwtm)


Pin the Teeth on Mater Game

Disney’s Tow Mater is a kid favorite and here is an excellent game for the kids. Pin the Teeth on Tow Mater Game (photo by catchmyparty)

Pool Noodle Race Track

This fun game is inexpensive and great fun for the kids as they race Matchbox cars with a pool noodle. (directions here ramblingsfromutopia)

Stop Size Bean Bag Toss

This fun game is easy to make and is great fun for the kids. Simply get a large cardboard box and red and white paint. Get the black and red bean bags here. (photo by intentionalbygrace)