Boy’s Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

5x7ft Super City Manor Vinyl Backdrop
Personalized Superhero Birthday Invitation
Superhero Cupcake Liners & Stickers
Superhero Cape and Mask Costumes with Stickers
Superheroes Birthday Party Chalkboard
Superhero Party Supplies - Value Party Pack
Super Hero Stick Photo Booth Costume Props
Large Superhero Tote Bags (12)
Themed Birthday Ideas
Photo of Superhero Party
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Want to have an amazing superhero birthday party but don’t have a lot of time? We can help! You will find links for everything you need for the perfect birthday. Look like Supermom or Superdad with these superhero invitations, chalkboard, large backdrop, cupcake toppers, superhero capes & masks, cups, plates, totes, food ideas, games & activities, decoration ideas, and much more.


5x7ft Superhero Vinyl Backdrop


Photo of Superhero Party


Personalized Superhero Birthday Invitation


Superhero Cupcake Liners and
Superhero Sticker Roll

$6.33 &

Superhero Cape and Mask Costumes with Stickers


Superheroes Birthday Party Chalkboard


Superhero Party Supplies – Value Party Pack


Superhero Photo Booth Costume Props


Large Superhero Tote Bags (12)



Skyscrapers from Boxes

Use boxes, black wrapping paper and cut out white and yellow paper squares to make these great skyscraper decorations! (photos via projectnursery)

Custom Superhero Logo

I like the idea of personalizing the superhero logo for your child. Here they use the first and last name initials in place of the Superman “S” – simple and effective. (photo by catchmyparty)

An Entry Fit for a Hero

Welcome your amazing little Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Ironman, Captain America, and the rest of the gang with this amazing entryway. (photo by petitepartystudio)


Creative Food Ideas

How about Rolo Candy turned into TNT, Hulk Rice Crispy Treats, and the Use of Red, White, and Blue Gum balls to make the perfect party food.

Inexpensive and Easy

Create these inexpensive Kryptonite Jello Cups for a fun superhero treat for all your little superheroes. (photo by catchmyparty)

Spidi-Berry Yummy

Here’s a deliciously easy recipe to make for your masked little one’s. Your superheroes will be coming back for more of these. (recipe from mypretendplace)


Hulk Smash Game

The kids will have a blast when you let them be Hulk and smash the brick wall. You could time them and see who knocks all the bricks down the quickest. (photo by catchmyparty)

Webslinger Game

Set up a target and let your little Spidermen spray the target with their Silly String web. (photo by petitepartystudio)

“Laser” Obstacle Game

This fun game is inexpensive and great fun for the kids as they use their superpowers to avoid the “laser” party ribbon.